Your Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach

Why most of the people fail in their weight management plan? More than 62% shows that they do not have discipline and motivation on their plan. A personal wellness coach will make a big difference.

On other way, a Herbalife personal wellness coach works to encourage you to build motivation, as well as confidence and commitment. As your coach, we will evaluate and understand your needs. Our coaching is based on true feedback, open communication, and the belief that you possesses everything you need to achieve your goal. Coaching promotes respect and confidence within individuals and groups. It allows you to identify your personal lifestyle and provides solutions to overcome difficulties. Furthermore, coaching inspires hope, offers solutions and strengthens positive changes.

With personal coaching program, you will received:

  • Personalized meal plan based on your daily calories count
  • 10 important health tips daily
  • Online and offline individual and group support
  • Result monitoring on body composition (body weight, body fats, visceral fat level, metabolic rate and age)
  • Workout plan support
  • Inspiration and motivation to keep you moving

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