Looking for a simple, easy and effective weight management Herbalife meal plan? We provide a daily healthy meal plan based on your Magic Number (personalized calorie counts). It designed to provide you with the protein your body needs every day to promote better health and energy level. First you need you need to find out your ideal weight based on your height and select the plan that fits your needs. You can check your ideal weight below:


Why do we need personalized Herbalife meal plan? No two people are alike and everyone’s magic number may vary. So how do you select your Herbalife meal plan? Let us help you on finding your Magic Number thru a free wellness evaluation to determine the suggested meal plan for you, and your plan is designed to match your individual needs for protein and calories.

There are three types of Herbalife meal plan: Weight Maintenance, Weight Loss and Weight Gain. Choose the option within the plan that best suits your personal goals. The meal plan below is an example of what a typical day will look like, with recommended meals, snacks and shakes to choose from each day.

  • Balanced Meals (25-40 grams protein, 400-600 calories)
  • Protein Snacks (10-30 grams protein, 150-300 calories)
  • Shakes (20-30 g protein, 250-300 calories)

Herbalife Meal Plans

Herbalife meal plan

Weight Maintenance
Start with Herbalife healthy breakfast! Replace your typical unhealthy breakfast with Herbalife shake.

Weight Loss
This option promotes weight and fat loss when coupled with an appropriate workout plan and replaces two meals per day (typically lunch and dinner) with a Herbalife shake.

Weight Gain
Get more protein and calories by supplementing with up to three additional Herbalife shakes per day. When coupled with an appropriate workout plan, gain healthy weight (as lean body mass).

In conclusion, when you have the right Herbalife meal plan based on your Magic Number, it’s that much easier to achieve your weight management goals.

Contact a Herbalife wellness coach to find out your Magic Number and Herbalife meal plan today!

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