Saturday Fit Hour @ Subang Jaya USJ 9


Having a workout plan is important if you want to improve your body composition. It is always 80% nutrition 20% workout 100% mindset. Kick-start your healthy active lifestyle routine and designing the ideal nutrition plan is important if you want to improve and maintain your health long term. According to our research in Subang Jaya community, only 28.5% is having regular workout routine, 50% exercise sometimes and 21.4% never exercise. We understand everyone have a busy life, and sometimes fitness slips down the priority list.

For beginner, fitness and exercise seems like too big a challenge. Therefore, let’s just begin to become more active and get fit. We can mean adding in a simple stretch in office, walk up staircase instead of taking lift, park our car further and walk around. Any movement is better than no movement. So let’s simply take ‘action’ by being ‘active’ in some way, every day.


Change won’t happen unless you make it. We wish and hope you to be healthy and fit by taking a first action step. So lets use community to help you rebuild and get fit. Most of the excuses not doing exercise is because of low motivation. Join our weekly Subang Jaya Fit Hour to kick start your workout routine. You will meet many person like you know who wants to get fit. We all have common goal and we will motivate each other.

Our Fit Hour is located at Subang Jaya USJ 9 recreation park. We are focusing on medium-high intensive workout, It is for all levels, genders and ages. You don’t have to worry if you are first timer, you will be taken care by all wellness coaches.

As you read this, I hope you feel motivated and wish to start your healthy active lifestyle. I hope to see you soon joining our Subang Jaya Fit Hour on every Saturday 8am. Contact us if you want to pre-register for FIt Hour this weekend.

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