Wellness Hub | Herbalife Nutrition Club at USJ 9 Subang Jaya

Welcome to our Herbalife Nutrition Club – Wellness Hub! Our nutrition club is located at USJ 9 (Taipan) Subang Business Centre, Subang Jaya. We are just opened in January 2017!

Subang-herbalife-2Subang herbalife 3USJ - Herbalife 3The mission of Herbalife Nutrition Club is to bring good nutrition to the people of our community one person at a time and to provide awareness in our community about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. We promote 80% nutrition 20% fitness concept.

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We are carrying a mission for nutrition by educating people about balance nutrition, exercise and eating habit.

Herbalife Nutrition Club is a social meeting place where we invite all people to come and enjoy a healthy meal. It is a fun and inviting atmosphere where you can feel comfortable asking and talking about nutritional information. We offer many different services for our members which are listed below:

  • Tasting Herbalife shakes and tea
  • Wellness evaluation
  • Family health information
  • Personal development
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Nutrition information

We believe that one of the most important things for us to live our lives to the fullest is to have good health and a healthy relationship with people around us. We started this Herbalife Nutrition Club so that we can all have a healthy body and healthy mind to enjoy fantastic lifestyle.

Nutrition Club is for people who want a lifetime of excellent health.

  • For people who want to have a healthy body without the assistance of medical care
  • For people who want to improve and enhance their self-healing power
  • For people who want to improve unhealthy lifestyle
  • For people who want to manage their weight
  • For people who want to maintain a youthful and beautiful body

We have more than 500 nutrition clubs in Malaysia. Come visit one of our Nutrition Club at your nearest location: Taipan USJ Subang Jaya, SS2 PJ, SS14 (Opposite Jaya33) Petaling Jaya, Seri Kembangan (The Atmosphere), Cyberjaya, Taman Gaya in Johor Bharu. Please contact +6012-285 6560 for more information.