Herbalife Testimonials

For me personally, a healthy way of living was a mysterious and unrealistic theory that I was never in a mood to explore. No, with your help and guidance I am to start a new life!

Sophia CheahWeight loss: 10kg

It is always easier to go with fast food, but we forget that neglecting your diet costs us our long and happy life. I recommend your site to all who want to change their lives.

Dr Steven KhawWeight loss: 20kg

Hi, I am mother of 3 kids. I have been looking for weight loss solution. I found Herbalife nutrition and lost 22kg with personal coaching. The best thing is I have been maintaining for 7 years.

Fadillah Abdul RahmanWeight loss: 22kg

Why, I still can't believe how quickly and harmlessly I got in a great shape after having a child! We should all remember about choosing the right food, for us and those who we love.

Eunice LooWeight loss: 9kg

You don't have to be a chef to be able to eat properly. Everyone can afford organic green veggies, fresh fruits and protein today. All you have to do is make a little effort, really.

Ashley GanWeight loss: 16kg

I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of. Give it a try and you will see how great it is to ead the righ thing and to excercise. Thank you a lot!

Henry YeohWeight loss: 35kg

Through personal coaching, I have changed all by bad lifestyle habits. I have lost 16kg, 6 layers visceral fats. I am healthy and fit now!