World Heart Day: Take Good Care of your Heart

29th September is World Heart Day! It is an important day for raising heart-health awareness!

Herbalife Heart Health

How healthy your heart is? Since World Heart Day is fast approaching, it is high time to make changes to our lifestyle and educate people about heart disease and ways to prevent it. Supporting heart health includes a combination of exercise, a heart healthy diet and heart supplements.

First, we look at those 30% factors which affecting our heart health. Your genes, gender and descent. If you have a family history of heart disease, you are automatically on a course to develop the disease yourself. However, much of the reason that multiple generations in a family have a particular condition is that the family chooses lifestyle habits that make them more prone to a certain disease. Men have been shown to have higher incidences of heart attack than women, and they also have the heart attacks earlier in life than do women. Therefore, men must especially watch their heart health, even earlier in life, to ensure a long, healthy life. Last factor, certain nationalities have sometimes shown a predilection for certain conditions and diseases. An excellent example of this is the Japanese, who typically have lower blood pressure and chances of heart disease than Americans.

Well, there are 70% factors which are within our control, our lifestyle. Here are some easy and simple ways to do that:


Heart Health Nutrition / Supplement:
There is really no such thing as a heart healthy diet! What we’re talking about is well-balanced nutrition which is recommended for everyone. The reason we think it’s a heart healthy diet is because of the consequences associated with unhealthy eating which have a direct or indirect influence on heart health.

Take plenty of fibrous foods such as whole-grain cereals, potatoes, and bran to help you lower the risk of heart disease. Avoid fat products. Eat more of fruits and vegetables – they are a good source of fibers, vitamins and minerals. Reduce salt as much as possible in your foods to maintain your blood pressure and sugar level under control. Include fish in your meals at least twice a week. Monitor your calories intake and it is always good to know how much fat, salt and sugar the product contains. This will help you choose a diet with less calories.

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Herbalife Heart Health


Healthy Lifestyle:
Quit Smoking! Almost one in every five people die each year because of smoking. The chemicals in tobacco smoke not only damage blood cells, but also weaken the function of your heart and blood vessels. If you are a smoker, the best thing to do is to quit right away.

Alcohol contains more calories. Drinking regularly and over a long period of time, can increase your blood pressure which is the main cause of heart disease. It also weakens the heart muscle, and this can lead to heart failure.

Keep your body fit by doing regular exercise. Simple physical activities such as walking, running or swimming increase skeletal muscle strength. This also helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels to prevent heart disease. Make it a habit and spare at least 30 minutes of your day.


Weight Management:
Obesity is the global epidemic now. Nearly 49% of all Malaysian are overweight. This leads to developing health problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. Hence it is a must to maintain a healthy weight. You should check your body composition (body weight, body fats%, visceral fats, muscle mass) at least once a year. If you are overweight, take precautionary measures like eating fewer calories than your body needs and doing aerobic exercise for 30 minutes daily.

All of these things-heredity, gender, lifestyle, diet, supplementation- affect your chances of developing heart disease. In order to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve your heart health, it is important to take charge, to do research and know what your body needs for optimum health, and then do act upon that knowledge to better your heart health today.

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