Which kuih gives you the most calories?

Do you love to snack during tea break? Having a tea break during the day is a favourite Malaysian pastime, and the kuih-muih stall is a must-visit! With the usual price tag RM1 for 3 pieces, it’s hard to resist getting a bagful of these delectable goodies. But as you bite down on your 4th piece of crunchy pisang goreng, have you thought about how this is going to affect your daily calorie intake?

Weight loss follows a simple theory. As long as your calorie intake is lower than your calorie output, you’ll maintain or lose weight. However, the average Malaysian leads a sedentary lifestyle with little to no exercise, yet chomps down on nasi lemak, ayam goreng, sirap bandung and a host of other calorie-packed foods throughout the day. Add to that a few pieces of kuih here and there, and you’ll be waaaay past your daily energy needs, which should be around 2,000kcal.

See which kuih gives you the most calories and how you can burn it off here:

Malaysian-Kuih-Muih-CaloriesKuih-Muih is the quintessential Malaysian tea time snack. Learn about your favourite kuih-muih and how you can burn off the calories in this educational infographic.

* Source: freemalaysiatoday.com

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