The Foundation of Weight Loss Success!

When it comes to getting healthy, we have to build from four cornerstones – WATER, EXERCISE, NUTRITION and ATTITUDE!

Water is so important to the success of your weight loss journey. Our bodies are made of 75-percent water, and our brain is made of 85-percent water. It makes sense that if you aren’t consuming fresh water each day that you will become a stagnant pool of water – and that just can’t be a good thing.

Water is nature’s best appetite suppressant. No pill ever made works as well as water. No wonder they tell you to swallow their pills with water, it’s what will do the work! So drink water and a lot of it. It WILL do your body good!

Exercise! You have to move your body, get oxygen flowing and build muscle and strong bones. “If your lifestyle does not control your body, eventually your body will control your lifestyle… The choice is yours!” said Ern Baxter, author of “I Almost Died.”

If the most you can do today is walk for 5 minutes in place, then walk for 5 minutes in place! Do that a few times this week and then next week, do 7 minutes and so on. Gradually increasing your level of fitness to where you can and DO 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 4 times a week and a few days of weight training thrown in. Get your body moving!

Nutrition. OK, it is so easy to say “exercise and eat right” when offering weight-loss advice. If you gear your mind to eating healthy foods for the sole reason that you will “lose weight,” what happens once you reach your goal weight? That’s right! You go “off” your “diet” or healthy nutritious eating and the weight comes back on with vengeance. However, if this time you vow to live healthfully and realize that consuming proper nutrition is simply part of a healthy life, then you are much more likely to keep with it for the long haul – not only to lose the excess weight, but also to live the life of your dreams for the rest of your life!

Attitude! Your attitude – how you feel about what you are doing and why you are doing it – will determine how well you do. You can be down in the dumps and feel like you are the only one dealing with your issues and concerns and allow that bad attitude to have you heading to the refrigerator hourly OR you can realize that you are NOT alone.
Now you know what you need to do. Four easy cornerstones need to be in place and you WILL succeed! Each corner is being equally as important as the other. The house will not able to stand without all of them in place solidly.

Then, it’s just a matter of how big you want to build, how hard you want to work and what your finished product will look like, but it will be amazing and it will be YOURS!

By Julia Havey, eDiets, June 2006

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