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Intestinal Worms Symptoms in Humans

Intestinal worms, including Ascaris, tapeworms and pinworms, are common parasitic infections that can occur in anyone, but certain risk factors increase the risk, such as swimming in contaminated water, drinking unfiltered water, and poor hygiene. Intestinal worms are easily treated with medication prescribed by a doctor and careful hygiene can prevent the spread of worms […]

Fei Tsai – Gained 9kg in 4 Months with Herbalife

Before : 49kg After : 58kg Duration : 4 months Origins: Malaysia In the past 10 years, my weight remained at 49kg due to food-intolerance and severe digestion problem. In addition, I had skin very sensitive to type of food, environment and temperature changes. Also, I had bad sinus every other day. My life improved […]