Road To London Olympic 2012 – Jacky Hong, Herbalife GET Team

I was a hawker selling noodles, spending long hours in my business before Herbalife came into my life. My life was a struggle but I had no choice because of my education background. I was dissatisfied with my life – long hours, an unstable income and no time at all for my family. I was frustrated and lost.

It was my wife who found an advertisement on weight loss. At that time, she was suffering from poor health and started taking Herbalife products for her health. Within 1-2 months, she looked better and her health improved significantly. The bonus was a slimmer waistline, smaller size and more energy. At that time, I was disinterested in Herbalife as I was skeptical about the direct selling business. My wife persisted and finally, I accompanied her to a STS meeting. I saw many people from different social and economic backgrounds, standing on chairs, a sea of very happy people, and many were like me! They enjoy better income and have more time for their families. I told myself that this must be real and not surreal. It was then that I reflected on my life and it made sense that there are many people who need help and Herbalife is a good business opportunity that is not to be missed!

My wife asked me to take the product to get started and to take them seriously because they are costly! I felt more energetic with one month and within six months, I lost 18 kilos. My new look attracted the curiosity from my circle of influence who automatically because my customers without having to promote the products. It was because of this circle of influence that my earnings grew to RM5,000 more on top of my income from selling noodles. I saw the future in Herbalife and quit my noodle business immediately. My wife and I went on travels with Hebralife, helping more people through the Nutrition Clubs which is one of the easiest ways to reach out to more people at a shorter time.

I have been involved in Hebalife since 2006. I am truly grateful to have found the secret to a happy and healthy life that money cannot buy. And this is what I want to pass on to the next generation – this amazing quality of life! With Herbalife, we have the freedom of time to do things that we want  and not to have to worry about money. And it is this life that I want for my family and I. We should live life to the fullest with no regrets.

With this in mind, I undertook a cycling expedition to London, one person crossing 16 countries, covering a land mass of 18,000km and completed the journey in 163 days. I started my journey on 14 February, 2012 from Malaysia cycling across Thailand, Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France and arrive in London, United Kingdom on 25 July 2012, two days before the start if the London Olympics. Throughout this journey, the Herbalife products became my complete food. I took the Formula 1 and Formula 3 shakes for my meals and again after each ride for recovery. I also took the Herbalife Aloe Concentrate for cleansing, Tea Mix for antioxidant and NW Formula for blood circulation. Since taking these Herbalife products, I have not fallen sick throughout the trip and I have stayed away from doctors and people from the insurance business! Herbalife products have kept me wekk-nourished, healthy and energised throughout my journey.

I dedicate this wonderful expedition to my daughter, to let her know that, she too, can have the confidence to do anything she wants to do. During my younger days, I was restricted from doing many things because of rejections, fear of failure, lack of confidence, negative thoughts and feedback. I wanted to prove that we can do whatever we want when we put our mind to it. My motto in life and inspiration for this journey is: Everything is Possible!


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