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Herbalife Malaysia launches Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition


Good news! Herbalife Malaysia is launching Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition – Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sports and Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive!

Herbalife 24 is comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24-hours a day. We have surpassed industry standards of pre, during and post work out nutrition to help you train, recover and perform like never before with all the nutrition support you need as an athlete.


Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sports

Nutritious meal for athletes and support active lifestyle

Herbalife 24 Formula 1 sport fuel up your day with your pre-competition nourishment. It is a nutritious meal choice as it contains a range of nutrients including carbohydrate, fat, milk protein, vitamins and minerals. Formula 1 sports established a solid foundation to your daily diet while being easy to consume.

  • 9.1g of milk protein, which helps build and repair body tissues.
  • Protein also provides amino acids necessary for protein synthesis
  • 8.8g of carbohydrate blend per serving
  • Riboflavin and niacin for the release of energy from carbohydrate, fat and protein
  • Contains 850mg of L-Glutamine
  • Contains 14 vitamins & minerals
  • Vanila cream flavour
  • Prohibited substance tested


Herbalife 24 CR7 DRIVE

herbalife malaysia CR7 Drive

Formulated with ingredients that support active lifestyles

  • To replace electrolytes lost resulting from sweating after strenuous physical activity
  • Vitamin B1 is needed for the release of energy from carbohydrate
  • Lightly flavored and easy to make
  • Contains natural purple carrots & grapes colors
  • Prohibited substance tested

Why is Herbalife 24 CR7 DRIVE better for me than water?
When you exercise the body requires additional nutrients, such as carbohydrates and electrolytes that are not
present in water. CR7 Drive contains an optimal blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes designed to enhance

Why is Herbalife 24 CR7 DRIVE better for me than a soda?
Herbalife 24CR7 Drive, which has 51 calories per scoop mixed with 250 ml of water, would be a better choice than a soda, which typically has around 92 calories per 250 ml. But keep in mind that CR7 Drive is intended to be used while working out, so although it may be a better choice than soda, we encourage using it as recommended.

Can I mix Herbalife 24 CR7 DRIVE more or less concentrated or into a gel?
Yes. We’ve designed Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive to provide 51 calories per 250 ml or 102 calories per 500 ml. However, depending on the ambient temperature, your specific caloric needs and taste preferences, you might want to mix it slightly stronger or weaker. For example, on a very hot day, you can mix Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive more dilute, or if it’s a cold day, slightly more concentrated. You can also do a multi-hour bottle, with two servings mixed into one bottle, and then use another bottle to fill up on plain water during your workout. You can also mix Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive into a gel-like paste: just use less water when mixing. You will have to experiment with the ratio of powderto-water, and the best mixing technique to get your desired consistency. We like to use a portable blender or mix in a sports bottle, and then transfer it into a small gel-flask.

I’m trying to watch my sodium, can I take Herbalife 24 CR7 DRIVE?
During exercise, sodium is the electrolyte that is lost in the greatest amount through sweat. If you are engaging
in moderate-intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes, it would be appropriate to drink CR7 Drive.

I’m not a elite athlete. Can I use Herbalife 24 CR7 DRIVE?
Yes, if you are engaging in moderate–intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes your body still requires, and will
benefit from, the nutrients in Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive even if you are not an elite athlete.

Nutrition Clubs Day Trip

Nutrition Clubs Day Trip – Titi Eco Farm Resort

Lose Your Fat and Build Your Muscle

Are you working out regularly, eating healthy, and still not seeing the results you want? Losing your fat and building up muscle at the same time seem to be mission impossible, even when you think you’re doing all the right things. The key of the game is to practice healthy active lifestyle, 80% nutrition and 20% fitness to lose your fat and build your muscle.

Lose Your Fat and Build Your Muscle

Eat Right, not Eat Less

If you want to lose your weight, your body needs to burn more calories than you take. Skipping meals isn’t a smart way to do this. If you don’t eat enough of the right stuff, when you work out, your body will have to take energy from your muscles, which hurts your metabolism. When you want to build muscle and lose weight at the same time is more or less there is non other than consuming a well-balanced diet.

Focus on your fat and protein intake: Too much fat or too little protein could interfere with your ability to build muscle. And sticking to a diet of high-fiber carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean proteins will help you lose your weight. To hit the sweet spot, aim to fill about a quarter of your plate with carbs, a quarter with protein, and the other half with veggies. You can often get the fat you need from your lean proteins or by prepping your veggies in a healthy oil. Instead of cutting meals and eating like a bird, pay more attention to the types of calories you are consuming. Your body turns unused carbs into fat, so try sticking to a low-carb diet on the days you know you won’t be exercising.

Have your Workout Routine Right

If you just do cardio, you’re not going to build muscle. While cardio will burn calories, it won’t increase your resting metabolic rate the way having more muscle does. If you do intense cardio training, you may have less energy left over for lifting and won’t be able to train as hard. After you warm up, lift weights first, then do cardio. Try making a schedule with different workouts planned for specific days of the week. This way it’s easy to keep track of what muscle groups you’re working, how much cardio you’re doing, and how often you switch up your workouts.

Next, make sure to eat before you work out. Fueling pre-workout is a must. Your body need carbs to do work. Having an adequate energy source in your system will allow you to work harder and burn more calories. It is recommended to have a balanced meal around three hours before a long workout and maybe even a small snack 30 minutes before.

When you work out, you break down muscle tissue and your body absolutely depends on protein in order to build that muscle back up. And muscle is the key to increasing your metabolism. Have a quick protein post recovery drink in within a window of 30 minutes after working out. If you’re eating a well-balanced diet but are chronically sore and/or fatigued it could be from not getting enough protein. Herbalife shake is one of the best choice of post recovery nutrition after workout. It provides well-balanced nutrition with protein.

Results take time. It’s going to take more than a few weeks to see your improvement. Consistency is always the key!

Fit Hour @ USJ Subang Jaya

  • How often do you exercise? Daily? Twice a week? Or less?
  • Are you struggling to lose or gain weight?
  • Do you wake up tired, lack energy, feel bloated and feel sleepy after lunch?
  • Do you need help achieving your health and fitness goals?
  • Do you lose motivation after a few weeks of exercise?

These are common questions when you want to be healthier and fitter. We always promote the concept 80% Nutrition & 20% Fitness and 100% Mindset. It is important to have balanced nutrition daily and control your calories intake. Simple concept, control your calories not food!

Most of the people failed in weight management because they only focus on exercise and having the wrong food in their daily meal plan.

Introducing our Fit Hour at USJ Subang Jaya. It is the vehicle to drive you to achieving the best shape of your life – and nourish and sculpt you from the inside out. Fit Hour is a chance to take your health to a new level, regardless of whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain, athletic performance, energy, toning or any combination of those.

Though our proven workouts, nutrition education, and positive motivation every step of the way, success is yours! We offer programs that are suitable for all ability levels. By implementing all of the above components, you can maximise your results and your health. Contact us at +6012-285 6560 if you are interested to join us for Fit Hour!

Herbalife Fit Hour @ USJ Subang Jaya
Herbalife Fit Hour @ USJ Subang Jaya
Herbalife Fit Hour @ USJ Subang Jaya
Herbalife Fit Hour @ USJ Subang Jaya

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Healthy Dessert: Herbalife Pudding for Family

It is tough to be a modern woman now. Balancing career, marriage, motherhood, home life and everything in between. Starting from buying grocery regularly, cook everyday, set the table, feed the family with a smile, try to satisfy everybody and her grudges, clear the table and wash up.

In a family of 2 parents and 2 kids the average number of meals, including all kinds of snacks is 15-20 per day. In order to reduce the pressure on the housewife, a lot of processed foods, yogurts, mousses, packaged snacks, muffins, sweets, etc are bought and keep at home. Another dubious solution is to send the whole family to the nearest fast food joint instead of cooking a proper meal.

Herbalife Pudding Formula 1 is the best solution!


Herbalife Pudding is actually same as Herbalife shake but prepared with less water, which gives it pudding texture. It can be both a meal or a snack. 5-7 Herbalife puddings can be prepared to consume during the day, drastically reducing the need to buy and prepare food, while at the same time providing the family with healthy and tasty meals.

As you know, sweet tooth usually feel remorse after having dessert. With Herbalife puddings it’s exactly the opposite: on one hand, Herbalife puddings are no doubt great dessert; on the other hand, they are very beneficial for both nutrition and weight management. So enjoy Herbalife puddings and feel no remorse!

In our everyday life there are things to celebrate: birthdays, holidays, friends and family coming to visit, etc. Pies, cakes and other sweet stuff are a must have of any party. It is no secret that regular pies and cakes are overloaded with calories, sugar, fats, stabilizers, food coloring. Let’s replace it with Herbalife pudding & Herbalife pudding cake!


Join our Herbalife Pudding Master-Class to learn how to make nutritious and delicious pudding. A solution for a healthier family nutritional habits and weight loss program. Contact us now for more info!

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