New and Improved International Business Pack (IBP)

Herbalife Malaysia New & Improved International Business Pack


Herbalife Malaysia will be presenting to you a new and improved International Business Pack (IBP)consisting of the International Business Opportunity Booklet, Business Presentation Book, Getting Started DVD and Design Your Life DVD. The new IBP sponsoring materials are more powerful and are able to relate to the current coaching needs.International Business Opportunity Booklet Consist of 4 books that aim to help you in building your business. The mini brochure called ”You First 72 Hours”. This guide lists the 5 easy step to help you start getting results in your first 72 hours.

Book 1: Your Business Basics
Focuses on teaching the new Distributor the concepts and importance of “Use, Wear, Talk”. It shows you how to use these concepts to grow your business.

Book2: Using & Retailing Your Products
Provides a retailing overview of each of our main product categories from Weight Management to Personal Care and Outer Nutrition.

Book 3: Building Your Business
Focuses on the basics of starting your business, which covers topics like customer care and follow up, being a good sponsor, the Marketing Plan, tracking income and expenses, inventory management, and various online support tools.

Book4: Sales & Marketing Plan & Business Rules
Contains a simple easy-to-follow business plan and important rules and regulations to help you protect your business. This book also contains sample forms that you’ll need, to run your business successfully.

Business Presentation Book
Provides an overview of Herbalife Business Opportunity, The science behind Herbalife Quality Products and great product stories.

Getting Started DVD
Introduction on Herbalife International, distributor testimonials and guidance on the usage of the IBO Booklets and other business tools contained in the International Business Pack.

Design Your Life DVD
Learn how you can have the fulfilling, flexible career you always have dreamed about.

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