My Fat Pa Mr Chow- Lost 4.1 kg in 2 months

Mr Chow- Herbalife malaysia lose weight

This is my Papa, Mr Chow Yong Chong. I’ve been sharing with people around me that I’ve a similar look with my Papa which is FAT since I was small. I always complaint to my friends that why don’t I look like my mum who is in fit body figure?! This is really miracle, after I had reduced my weight and size since year 2006, my Fat Papa has finally on the program last year November and he had a really great results even in 10 days time which lost 2.5kg by taking only ONE Herbalife Shake as breakfast per day!

Now he is still taking One Shake per day happily for breakfast plus drinking the Tea Mix- Lemon and Hibiscus for whole day long and amazingly continue loosing his weight with this program…

Herbalife Lose Weight

Herbalife ShapeWorks™ ProgramHerbalife ShapeWorks™ Program is a reduced hunger, hassle-free, healthy program personalized for your unique shape. A breakthrough in weight loss, ShapeWorks personalizes a diet for your body by providing you with the right balance of hunger-stopping protein and healthy carbohydrates.

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