My Family before Herbalife

Kenny & Eunice

Kenny & Eunice

Kenny & Eunice

Kenny & Eunice

Kei & Me

I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelming of my family results after taking Herbalife nutrition. I want to thank Brother Fei that introduced me Herbalife and thanks for his patience to follow up with me when I was trying the nutrition.

After 2 years, I kept on acting as a messenger who passes the messages to people who I love and telling them this is not only for the body supplements but is a “food” for them. With my patience and persistency, I’ve been encouraging them to take this good nutrition for daily consumption. My whole family is taking the Herbalife Shake as their breakfast and sometimes also as their other meals or snack. Now we have no more tea time, supper & etc. We only drink our Tea Mix which high in antioxidants as a “well-beings maintenance” drinks.

As a results, my family, relatives & some friends of mine started to take the Herbalife Shake as their breakfast or nutrition daily.

I wanted to upload this post because I’ve found some funny stuffs and this is inspiring me to write this post. Let’s take a look!

My sister Fei, Brother Ming Hon, cousin sister Ah Kuan, Aunt Sook Ching & my father have different looks!

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