Join Herbalife Member Online | Become Herbalife Member

Herbalife has now been operating over 90+ countries around the world. Now everyone can join Herbalife member online as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the guideline on how you can join Herbalife member online in less than 10 mins!

Step by step how to join Herbalife member online:

1. Choose your country

The Americas Europe Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa

2. Read thru Herbalife Gold Standard Guarantees and click “Get Started” to begin:Join_Herbalife_online_1


3. Accept all Herbalife Gold Standard Guarantees:

4. Please SMS/whatsapp +6012-285 6560 or email for Sponsor ID and First 3 letter of last name

Country of Residence: Malaysia – English (select your own country)
Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number: * Contact +6012-285 6560 (instant reply)
First 3 Letter of Sponsor’s Last Name: *Contact +6012-285 6560 (instant reply)
Purchased an International Business Pack (IBP) from your Sponsor?: No


5. Fill up your personal info as below:

Last Name & First Name: Your name as per IC
NRIC: Your new IC number
Date of Birth: Select you birth Month | Day | Year
Spouse’s Last Name & First Name: Your spouse’s name as per IC (if any)
Spouse’s NRIC: Your spouse’s new IC number (if any)
Have you or your spouse owned or assisted in an Herbalife Distributorship? No (if your are first time)
Mailing address: Your mailing address
Primary Phone: Your primary contact no.
Primary Email Address: Enter your email address
4-8 character Personal Identification (PIN) Code: Enter an unique PIN code (For login purpose)
Upload NRIC Front & Back: Upload your front and back IC copy (File must be a jpg, bmp or pdf file type < 1MB). You may scan or take photo of your IC.


6. Read through the agreement and next


7. Purchase your Herbalife Member Pack (HMP)

This step is for you to purchase an Herbalife Member Pack (HMP)
Choose your language of IBP: English, Bahasa or Chinese
For IBP delivery, choose your mailing address: Same as mailing address, same as legal/fiscal address or enter new shipping address
Shipping Method: Choose Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak)

* Options for Herbalife Member Pack may vary in different countries

8. Make your payment with credit card

Fill up your credit card info and “Submit”. You should receive your HMP in 1-3 working days once your payment has done.

Benefits of Herbalife Independent Member:
1. Purchase Herbalife products in 90+ countries (and growing…)
2. Enjoy 25% – 50%* discounts on Herbalife products
3. Enjoy retail profit 25% – 50%*
4. Entitle for Herbalife trainings*
5. Entitle for Herbalife promotions*

* Terms and conditions apply

It is done! Congratulations and welcome to Herbalife! =)