I Met President Francis – Herbalife President’s Team Member

Herbalife Singapore President Francis TayeFrancis Taye was operating a golf business before Herbalife and had been living in Thailand for more than 20 years. But he lost his business to the Asia Crisis in 1997, and he was looking for a job when he came across an advertisement. He called up immediately, and was invited to attend a HOM. At the HOM, he was impressed by Herbalife product results. And he signed up and started to use the products, he lost 10 kg while he wife, Marisa lost 15 kg. Though he was skeptical initially about Herbalife business opportunity, thinking that he might have to take on the role of a door-to-door salesman, he was convinced that products work.

“In the beginning, starting Herbalife business was tough as I was a foreigner working in Thailand, and even though Marisa is Thai, she had to take care of our two young children. We decided to go back to Singapore, where I was born, as it was time for our children to go to school. It was a difficult decision to make then, but we decided to resign from our distributorship in Thailand.”

Back in Singapore, I could not find a job but because of my age, and Marisa was pregnant with our third child and we were running out of money! At this point, Herbalife opened in Singapore. We cannot expressed how happy we were then, hearing that Herbalife is finally opened in Singapore! We signed up immediately, and started building our business through our circle of friends and relatives, as a brand new distributor. This time, we didn’t need any convincing; we know Herbalife products work and the business opportunity if offers. In fact, Marisa lost 8kg in 2 months using the products after delivering our baby.

We attended all the meetings and learnt from the experts. It is very important to leverage from the training system and put to action what you’ve learnt. And within five months, we achieved the Millionaire Team status and now we receive more than S$40,000 a month! We want to especially thank our upline, the Herron family, who gave us our 1st opportunity to know Herbalife, while we were in Thailand.

We believe now is the right time to join Herbalife, we have a great support team from Herbalife Corporate and a Medical Advisory Board made up of world’s renowned medical doctors. We were very fortunate to have met Mark Hughes back in 1998 in Bangkok, Thailand, and we will always remember Mark’s words. He said, “My products have no mouth, you just have to use your mouth to sell my products and you will be rewarded beyond your expectations!” This is true, all you have to do is take up the opportunity!

Kenny & Francis Taye - Herbalife President
I met President Francis in Herbalife Singapore office
This is my first photo taken with Herbalife International President’s Team Member.

Boon Hua & Francis Taye - Herbalife President
My friend, Ms. Lim and President Francis

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