How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Healthy active lifestyle is very important if you want to stay healthy and fit. Try these things to inspire yourself to exercise.

1. Keep your photo handyIf you were fitter last year and have piled on a few kilos now, keep a photo handy of yourself from a time when you were your most fit. The picture will definitely push you to work harder and look better. You can also do it the other way round if that works for you. Stick a current picture (fatter you) for motivation. The picture will constantly remind you that you aren’t fit and that you need to work out.

2. Post updates on social networking sites

Keep posting updates about your workout on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you post such updates, your friends who are fitness freaks will also reply to it and tell you about their fitness regimens. This way you will constantly stay in touch with people who will motivate you to exercise.

3. Find a workout buddy

Any activity if done with friends is fun, isn’t it? If you have a friend who wakes you up every morning or meets you at gym, you will feel more motivated to go to exercise. You may definitely not want to ditch him/her by not going to the gym even if you are feeling lazy. You will push yourself to work out because someone else is dependent on you. Moreover, your friend will encourage you and keep you inspired. It’s a win-win situation. Think about it!

4. Change your workout regimen

After a certain point, your body stops responding to a particular exercise. So keep changing your workout routines and every 15 days or may be every week. Don’t let your body get used to a particular kind of workout. Moreover, try new ways to burn calories and get fit – go to the gym, try zumba workout or even jogging or running is good enough. Either way, changing your workout or adding something new every time will keep you motivated and interested in winter.

5. Count your calories

Always count the number of calories you are consuming during holidays by eating your favorite foods. This will not only help you keep a tab on what and how much you are eating but you will also eat in smaller proportions.

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