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With so many diets flooding the market, it can be difficult for consumers to make an informed and health-conscious decision. After all, if you haven’t even heard of a weight-loss system, how can you trust that it is safe and effective? In this article, we will introduce you to one of the newcomers in the weight management arena – a revolutionary new program called the Shapeworks™ program.

The Shapeworks™ diet was created by Herbalife; a company long respected for its quality health products. The program was created by combining the benefits of protein with the science of cellular nutrition – resulting in a personalized experience that is hard to top. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how it works.

Cellular Nutrition

Cellular nutrition is the backbone of the Shapeworks™ diet program. It is a big reason behind this diet plan’s success. But what exactly is cellular nutrition? Basically, it is your body’s ability to absorb and deliver nutrients throughout your body at a cellular level. What does that ultimately mean to you? It means that you will feel better and have more energy – which will give you the weight loss results you are looking for.

The Shapeworks™ diet delivers this powerful technology to your body through all-natural supplements and enhancers that are taken three times daily. The resulting boost to both your energy levels and metabolism play a very important role in the rest of the program.

Personalized protein

The second part of the Shapeworks™ diet further builds upon the science of cellular nutrition. Try and think back on your past attempts at dieting. What was the main reason for failure with those diets? Chances are that you became frustrated with other plans because you constantly felt hungry. Well, the Shapeworks™ diet understands this problem – and remedies it with the help of personalized protein shakes that pack a powerful punch. These shakes are taken twice a day, and are loaded with proteins that not only satisfy your hunger — but also keep the weight coming off. In addition, the program also offers healthy protein snacks that can be added for a little extra boost.

Color your world

The final part of the Shapeworks™ diet is a delicious meal once a day that includes many colorful fruits and vegetables. These dinners center on lean protein sources, such as grilled chicken and fish. The result is a meal plan that never gets stale, and always leaves you feeling satisfied.

The Shapeworks™ diet is a fantastic choice for people looking for a fresh approach to weight-loss. This program combines healthy living with a weight management system designed to help you succeed – for years to come!

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake MixShapeWorks™ Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix is made from a unique blend of soy proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and herbs, and provides all the essential amino acids needed for sound nutrition and good health. It is nutritious and good for you, unlike a few fad diets on the market these days. By drinking two Formula 1 shakes a day, in conjunction with eating one balanced, low-calorie meal and following a careful, Herbalife-based dietary regimen, you can reach your weight goal quickly and safely.

Personalized Protein PowderShapeWorks™ Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder is an excellent choice to help increase protein levels. It helps maintain safe and recommended protein intake. it Contains approximately 5 grams of soy protein, which contains isoflavones that can help maintain healthy cholesterol per level tablespoon. It contains whey protein, rich in cystine and methionine, which are vital to muscle development and has no fat, sugar, carbohydrates, yeast, cholesterol, salt, lactose, sweeteners or artificial colors.

ShapeWorks™ Herbal Concentrate Tea MixShapeWorks™ Herbal Concentrate Tea Mix an uplifting drink for vitality and weight management. Key benefits includes the health benefits of green tea and select herbs. This delicious low-calorie tea-mix can be savored throughout the day for a natural energy lift. It includes the thermogenic and antioxidant properties of green tea, making it ideal as part of a nutritious weight-loss program. Enjoy daily as a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee and sodas.

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