Herbalife Named One Of Fittest Companies

Herbalife Named One Of Fittest Companies By Men’s Fitness Magazine in America

Herbalife Ltd has recently been named one of the 15 fittest companies in America by Men’s Fitness magazine. Men’s Fitness selected these companies based on access to state-of-the-art gym and fitness facilities, cafeterias with health and nutrition-minded menus, preventative medical care, weight loss programs as well as aid to quitting smoking, and rewards for staying in shape.

The CEO and Chairman of Herbalife, Michael O. Johnson said “We’re extremely proud of our employees and distributors’ efforts in changing their lives and we will continue to do our best to support healthy, active lifestyles.”

Herbalife sponsors educational seminars with nutrition and fitness experts on topics such as healthy snacking, and encourages employees and distributors to participate in the company’s basketball and tennis leagues. Herbalife also sponsors around eight triathlons nationwide (among 120 other sports and fitness-related events) as well as some international triathlons, and provides professional trainers, team clothing and peer support for participants in the events.

Finally, Herbalife gives its employees complimentary access to its array of protein shakes, energy drinks, and nutritional supplements.

Employee health achievements and success stories are regularly mentioned at company meetings as well as in Herbalife’s employee magazine published quarterly, fostering an environment of support and motivation.

Read the Men’s Fitness Magazine article here

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