My Herbalife Malaysia Singapore Spectaculars 2012

My Herbalife Malaysia Singapore Spectaculars 2012

Herbalife Malaysia Singapore Spectaculars 2012

Our Special Guest Speaker - Chairman's Club Member Stephan Gratziani

Yeah! Again, we are the VIP Qualifiers!

Supervisor Requalification Lucky Draw Winner - Herbalife Scooter! Cool!

We are also qualified 2012 HerbalifeStyle Day

Taking picture with all the President's Team of Malaysia

Enjoying good food at the beach ...

Herbalife Live Band

Poco poco dance ...

Beautiful night view ...

We are also Party Qualifiers! This year party theme is "70's" Cool man!

Taking picture with special guest speaker!

Party with our lovely teammate

VIP Qualifier's dining ... Cheers!

Very nice "Blinking Ring" from Herbalife

Herbalife party dancing hall

Go-go dancing

Pretty President's Team from Singapore - Jenny

We are Herbalife! ... with President's Team Stella and Millionaire Team Max

We love Herbalife Party! How about YOU?

My lovely Active World Team Lai Ching - GET Team to be!

Young and energetic World Team - Kamal. Umur baru 51 saja!

Mitchell's team ...

They are so happy and excited! Standing and dancing on the chair!

Our new partners from Desa Rejang Nutrition Club

There are 6000 people in the room! The biggest Spectacular in Malaysia Singapore!

Top distributor in Malaysia - 15K Executive President's Team Captain Saiful

Recognitions! Recognitions! Recognitions!

Congratulations to all top GET Team!

Makan time ...

Quick lunch together ... haha

Sharing time ...

Take the opportunity to take picture with Millionaire Team Fadzil Muda

Finally, Fern got her Mark Hughes button! Thanks to En Kamal

Busy collecting testimonies and stories

The last 5 mins promotion!

Yeah! I grabbed 2 balloons!!!

Post meeting sharing ...

The group will be doubled next year!

eh ..hmm... let me share something with you ...

My team from Kuchai, Setapak, Puchong ... Yeah!

This is our Herbalife family! Let's double the activitiy! Double the business! See you in Extravaganza Singapore!

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