Herbalife Malaysia & Singapore Spectacular 2011

Herbalife Malaysia & Singapore Spectacular 2011
5th Anniversary


20K Executive President’s Team Member
Ravi Sundaram

I came from a lower middle class family in India. I traveled from a small town to Chennai with a train ticket and a US$15,000 debt in my pocket. I had not even completed my college education to find a proper job.

When I visited one of the Herbalife meetings, the business opportunity inspired me. I wanted to sign up as a Herbalife Distributor, but did not even have enough money to buy an IBP. I borrowed money and signed up in December 1999. I was overweight when I started. Due to the incredible products, I lost weight. The product results inspired me to confidently pursue the business. I was fascinated with the income and went fulltime in just 3 months. In 10 months, I qualified for the President’s Team and
earned a 7-digit income just on my first year with Herbalife.

Today, I live a life of my choice; I earn over US$56,000 a month and gave wonderful vacations to my family. Herbalife has truly transformed me from a “nobody” to a “somebody!” I would like to thank Mark Hughes for this incredible opportunity and also thank my sponsor Sukumar for introducing Herbalife to me and for mentoring me.

Lin Yao-Shuan
International Executive President’s Team Member

Yao-Shuan was a company’s owner before he met Herbalife. He suffered a lot of health problem due to the heavy work load. By using
Herbalife products consistently for a few months, he has the great product result & becomes a product user.

Yao-Shuan had a big debt crisis when he was the construction contractor and noticed that Herbalife is also a good business
that can improve his finance situation. That’s why he decided to work as a full-time Herbalife Distributor. He worked with the organization hard & became a President’s team member. Yao-Shuan is a father of 4 children now. He can support his family & enjoys his time with them. Right now, there are more than 35 nutrition clubs under his organization.

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