Healthy Protein Snack for Weight Loss

I have received many enquiries regarding healthy snacks options and I have decided to share some of the healthy snacking ideas. Snacking is an effective way to fit extra nutrients into our diet and prevent overeating at mealtimes. There is an average of 24 percent of our calories are from snacks. Therefore, with snacking providing this much of the day’s calories, choosing healthy options is crucial.

Healthy snack #1: Hard-boiled egg


Eggs really are one of nature’s most perfect portable foods. Packed with protein and antioxidants, they satisfy your hunger and improve your health. 1 large egg approximately provides 6 grams of protein.

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, containing small portions of almost every essential vitamin and mineral, including selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin B5 and B6, vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin E, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, Folate, and zinc. Eating one or two eggs a day is a great way to add healthy protein to your diet.

Healthy snack #2: Low-Fat Greek Yogurt


Eating 1-2 portions of low-fat yogurt each day is a healthy and delicious way to up your protein intake in a healthy way.

This thick and creamy bowl will provide roughly 10 grams of protein per 100 gram serving. And you can also buy it in plain, low fat and it’s great to serve with fruits, cereal, or nuts.

Healthy snack #3: Nuts


Eating a handful of nuts instead of chips or chocolate for your afternoon snack will go a long way in adding a boost of protein to your diet. If you’re concerned about calories, limit your nut intake to a handful or two, and remember that though nuts are high in fat, it’s healthy monounsaturated fat, which doesn’t clog arteries and is an essential part of a healthy diet. Plus, nuts are high in fiber, which when paired with their protein content, keeps you feeling full longer.

Among all the nuts, numerous studies have found that almonds can help lower levels of harmful LDL cholesterol. They are also extremely high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and have been shown to help manage weight.

Healthy snack #4: Peanut Butter


Eating peanut butter is perhaps the easiest (and most delicious) way to up the amount of healthy protein in your diet. For those of you with little time to prepare healthy snacks, simply consuming a dab on an apple slice or a celery stalk will give you a whopping 16 ounces of healthy protein for the day.

Although peanut butter does contain fat and saturated fat, it can be part of a healthy diet when eaten in small amounts. Just remember not to slather it on crackers — instead, spread it on carrot or celery sticks for healthy snacking.

Healthy snack #5: Herbalife Protein Shake

herbalife shake

Herbalife Formula 1 protein shake is always a delicious and convenient way to add protein to your diet. I personally recommend adding Herbalife Formula 3 Soy and Whey protein to your blender because it’s a high-quality, complete protein. This means it contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs to build and maintain muscle, and it provides a feeling of fullness.

Simply combine your Herbalife protein shake with nonfat milk, frozen fruit, all-natural nut butter, or whatever other healthful ingredients sound good to you, and you have a healthy meal replacement or snack. Because you control the ingredients, Herbalife shakes let you skip the added sugar that often comes with store-bought protein bars and shakes.

Healthy snack #5: Herbalife Protein Bar

Protein bars as a between meal snack can really help you to reach your weight loss goals if you know which type to look for as there are big differences in nutritional content and number of calories between the many bars on the market. Don’t choose a ‘meal replacement’ protein bar, it will almost certainly have too many calories.

Herbalife protein bar is an ideal protein snack to give you a boost on the go. This deliciously chewy bar is packed with protein, soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals to help satisfy hunger. Chewy bar with 23 vitamins and minerals and 12 g of soy and whey protein blend per serving.

Happy smart snacking!

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