Healthy Dessert: Herbalife Pudding for Family

It is tough to be a modern woman now. Balancing career, marriage, motherhood, home life and everything in between. Starting from buying grocery regularly, cook everyday, set the table, feed the family with a smile, try to satisfy everybody and her grudges, clear the table and wash up.

In a family of 2 parents and 2 kids the average number of meals, including all kinds of snacks is 15-20 per day. In order to reduce the pressure on the housewife, a lot of processed foods, yogurts, mousses, packaged snacks, muffins, sweets, etc are bought and keep at home. Another dubious solution is to send the whole family to the nearest fast food joint instead of cooking a proper meal.

Herbalife Pudding Formula 1 is the best solution!


Herbalife Pudding is actually same as Herbalife shake but prepared with less water, which gives it pudding texture. It can be both a meal or a snack. 5-7 Herbalife puddings can be prepared to consume during the day, drastically reducing the need to buy and prepare food, while at the same time providing the family with healthy and tasty meals.

As you know, sweet tooth usually feel remorse after having dessert. With Herbalife puddings it’s exactly the opposite: on one hand, Herbalife puddings are no doubt great dessert; on the other hand, they are very beneficial for both nutrition and weight management. So enjoy Herbalife puddings and feel no remorse!

In our everyday life there are things to celebrate: birthdays, holidays, friends and family coming to visit, etc. Pies, cakes and other sweet stuff are a must have of any party. It is no secret that regular pies and cakes are overloaded with calories, sugar, fats, stabilizers, food coloring. Let’s replace it with Herbalife pudding & Herbalife pudding cake!


Join our Herbalife Pudding Master-Class to learn how to make nutritious and delicious pudding. A solution for a healthier family nutritional habits and weight loss program. Contact us now for more info!

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