Health is Wealth – The Latest Book by Dr Louis Ignarro & Dr Andrew Myers

Health is Wealth is a book based upon hard evidence; not one filled with pseudo-scientific speculation and overblown promises about so-called “wonder foods.” Dr. Ignarro was as skeptical as most Western medical professionals are about the ability of food to function as medicine before he began to see for himself the incredibly beneficial effects of NO supportive supplements and foods on the vessels of the cardiovascular system. The old “If there’s a disease, there’s a drug for it…”philosophy was definitely the culture in which he was immersed. But as he observed the growing amount of empirical evidence proving the powerful effects of amino acids, antioxidants, and other key nutrients, he was forced to rethink his position. His is a rigorous, questing, scientific mind, and, when presented with overwhelming evidence of the ability of the 10 Power Nutrients to prevent and even reverse damage and dysfunction, he became convinced of their effectiveness.

This book is a synthesis of our combined 50 years’ experience as a research scientist, and as a naturopathic physician, respectively. Our vision of health and disease prevention is based on our own clinical and laboratory experience combined with knowledge garnered from thousands of published research studies that we have synthesized into our “unified theory” of degenerative disease progression. Traditional research has a narrow field of vision; it looks at a single condition, a single nutrient, or a single drug. Very few studies have been designed to study simultaneously the effects of the many different nutrients that can influence our health. By doing our own meta-survey extraction from a massive body of current research, we have been able to examine nutrient interactions within the body’s biochemical pathways and physiological functions. This work has uncovered vital relationships between specific nutrients and healthy tissues—relationships that demonstrate an unmistakable link between nutrient supplementation and BioWealth.

There are strong scientific facts that support every conclusion we make. As the healthcare crisis deepens, and support grows for the idea that our current “disease-care” system must be replaced with a new, different, better approach, we believe that we may be witnessing the beginning of the age of whole-body, whole-health medicine.

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