Freshwater Farming are more toxic than Melamine Milk

I would consider very seriously before visiting China as the food that they will feed you will probably kill you, not immediately, but over a period of years, you will be poisoned to death.

Read carefully what they feed their farmed fishes and crabs, not to mention what we already know about their chicken, pigs and cows. What toxic pesticides they spray on their vegetables on the farms is any body’s guess! We can’t even be sure that melamine is not being used in their milk and since nothing is put to waste in China, do we know what they do to their unclaimed dead? As animal feed, perhaps?

In China, anything goes and moral bankruptcy is the “in” thing … get rich before anything else !!

TOXIC Hairy Crabs, Eels, Turtles, Bean Sprouts, Farmed Fish – worse than the Melamine Milk Scandal

Yale Professor Chan CM, in his lecture at Beida University about poisonous eels being sold in China and how widely the local eel farms are using hormones which remain in the human body sometimes for 7-8 yrs.

Professor Chan went on to say that an Environmental Scientist whom he met at Suzhow meeting told him “my relative who owns a bean sprouts farm said that because of the use of hormones, the sprouts normally take 5 days to be ready for sale is now ready in 1 day. Truckloads are sold to Canton and no one in his village will eat the stuff they farmed. ”

Hairy Crabs : Mostly from Jiangsu . Each year, the crabs became more affordable due to large harvest. They are bred using all kinds of toxins : hormones, antibiotics. From the baby crabs stage, the crabs are fed around 10 types of chemicals. In Fujian , they are worse, they will feed the female crabs with birthcontrol hormones so that the mother crab will be plumb and ready.

24 hours after they are fetched, the crabs arrive HK dinner table, but not before they were fed one last time with antibiotics so that they will stay healthy enroute. If you walk along the small streets in the Crab Farms, you will see many shops selling “Medicine for Crabs”; there are at least 10 different kinds on their “menu”.

Next Magazine Investigative Journalists took 12 Hairy Crabs for lab test. 11 of them have Oxytetracycline. 6 have Chloromycetin. All damaging to blood, and esp bad for pregnant women and foetuses.

If they tell you their crabs are fed by organically (versus Chemically Fed), that means they are fed by decomposing carcases of dead cats, dogs, chicken. The dogs died from first being poisoned, or from diseases. The owner of the crab farm pulled from under a bed a dead carcass, deskin and dehaired it, waving a piece of the leg proudly pronouncing it as “organic feed” These dogs came from a private vendor that kills the dogs by poisonous gases. The dog died from chemical poisoning.

The investigative journalists from HK witnessed such display of “organic feeding” when the farmer tossed the dog carcass into the pond. They watched 2 crabs feeding on the decaying carcass.

The Fishery Dept of the govt showed that the most famous YC Lake for Hairy Crabs, at maximum can only produce 13,000 Class 1 Crabs. HK imported 130K crabs all claiming it’s from YC Lake.

JiangSu natural water engineer Mr Tong, TK said the the whole of China claims that the hairy crabs they sell are from YC Lake. The only exception being those sold in Tibet , a desert 😛 Turtles, Snakes, all fed by chemicals, as well as birth control hormones.

Toxin fed Crabs, snakes, eels, turtles, all fed for revenue, not forgetting fake milk powder, fish from fish farms, bean sprouts, fake soya sauce, fake seaweeds, fake eggs ……. Color-enriched tomatoes, melon seeds, grapes…… all massive exploits to milk cash. Why is all that happening in China ?

First lack of govt control. To be fair, even if the govt wish to do it, they cannot keep up with the sudden market demand as consumers as the surging middle class have a lot more cash nowadays.

2nd : Greed.

3rd and most fundamental reason : This has led to the current problem of the maximization of profit at the cost of morality.

4th: The lack of Family Values (as kids growing up, the only family value bred them is how to make money). The daily mantra is “Study hard to ultimately get rich.”

The adults feel that they have to make up for “lost” time when they were deprived under the Totalitarian regime when the govt kept what they harvested. While their bank accounts swell, they are morally bankrupt.

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