Fei Tsai – Gained 9kg in 4 Months with Herbalife

Before : 49kg
After : 58kg
Duration : 4 months
Origins: Malaysia

In the past 10 years, my weight remained at 49kg due to food-intolerance and severe digestion problem. In addition, I had skin very sensitive to type of food, environment and temperature changes. Also, I had bad sinus every other day. My life improved tremendously after taking Herbalife Formula 1, Formula 3 and Herbal Tea Mix for 4 months.

My health has never been better and my skin is so well nourished! And I am finally able to eat the food that I could only dream about before. Best of all, I gained the much needed weight of 9kg and now weight 58kg. I look much more attractive, too! And Amazingly, after 15 years of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, I suddently quit my habit naturally, without any conscious effort! I used to tell my friends who asked, “It just does not taste good anymore!”

Herbalife ShapeWorks™ ProgramHerbalife ShapeWorks™ Program is a reduced hunger, hassle-free, healthy program personalized for your unique shape. A breakthrough in weight loss, ShapeWorks personalizes a diet for your body by providing you with the right balance of hunger-stopping protein and healthy carbohydrates.

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