7 Common Symptoms of Stress

Alert! 7 common symptoms of too much stress

  1. Neck pain – stress will affect the skeletal muscle system, resulting in muscle ache, contraction or spasm. In this case you can try 5-10 deep breaths, gently massage the parts of the body tense muscles. If your neck muscles are tense,  you can try to massage and turn your neck gently.

  3. Twitching eyelids – medicine called blepharospasm, also can be triggered by the stress. If you are on meticulous work, it is prone to this problem. It is advisable to change our eye sign in every 20 minutes, enjoy the scenery outside the window, you can also close your eyes for a nap, the symptoms will subside.

  5. Nails – it is stress-induced psychological self-protective behaviors. People tent to bite their nail to fulfill the “appetite” to divert attention. There are some alternative way to relieve stress at work, such as playing (kneading, squeezing) an elastic ball while you are on the phone with customer calls to hand an elastic ball.

  7. Tooth decay – Stress is also a way to lead to tooth decay. Stress will cause people to molar teeth in their sleep from time to time.

  9. Acne – acne is a “barometer” of the level of physical and mental stress.  Abdomen, cheeks, arms, if there is a red rash, acne, we must ask ourselves the recent physical and mental state. Taking deep breath can prevent the spread of acne. Inhale, hands elevation, exhale, hands whereabouts, 5-10 times a day.

  11. Stomach ache – Are you always worried about the health problems of someone loved ones, but also due to excessive tension will cause stomach ache. Especially too much attention to certain issues, people will be under tremendous pressure, anxiety, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms in the offing.

  13. Forgetful – studies have shown that long-term stress environment does make memory problems. Fortunately, once the stress is removed, your brain will return to its original level. Experts said that exercise helps on quick thinking, walking, climbing stairs, dancing can improve memory.
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