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Does Soy Increase Estrogen Level?

 Soy does not contain any estrogens, but has antioxidant soy isoflavones (genistein and daidzen) which act like anti-estrogens on the alpha-estrogen receptor in both men and women for estrogen actions in stimulating the breasts. In men and women even after age 50, there are always estrogens coming from body fat in the blood stream. […]

Eight Common Health Lies

1- Eating Eggs Leads to High Cholesterol Cholesterol is not a bad guy that’s an intruder in your body. It’s not there because you are eating too much cholesterol- it’s there because you need it. You can’t eat so much cholesterol that your cholesterol levels will go up significantly. If your cholesterol goes up there […]

Herbalife Nutrition Day 2018 – Petaling Jaya

Let’s start your healthy active lifestyle by joining Herbalife Nutrition Day, Petaling Jaya! Bootcamp for all levels! Please contact/WhatsApp +6012-2856560 for pre-booking.

Lose Your Fat and Build Your Muscle

Are you working out regularly, eating healthy, and still not seeing the results you want? Losing your fat and building up muscle at the same time seem to be mission impossible, even when you think you’re doing all the right things. The key of the game is to practice healthy active lifestyle, 80% nutrition and […]

Fit Hour @ USJ Subang Jaya

How often do you exercise? Daily? Twice a week? Or less? Are you struggling to lose or gain weight? Do you wake up tired, lack energy, feel bloated and feel sleepy after lunch? Do you need help achieving your health and fitness goals? Do you lose motivation after a few weeks of exercise? These are […]