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The cost of most items in Malaysia remains high and its citizens continue to struggle to support families and themselves. But even so, branded coffee such as Starbucks continues to be popular despite the price hike with an average price of RM12. In America, the price of a normal Starbucks costs roughly US$1.85, which is significantly cheaper compared to their monthly income for sure.

The economy situation in Malaysia isn’t ideal now, and we all wish we could have the same sort of spending power as other countries. But on the bigger perspective, Malaysians aren’t the only ones having it tough. The prices of everyday items rising, especially since the petrol price hikes, the significance of this means very little as our spending power remains weak in Malaysia. As times change, so do our needs for work, income and lifestyle. With this, we want more – more time with family, better luxuries, holidays every two months, the best education for our children. We need to earn more money to be able to afford this lifestyle. Therefore, everyone of us are looking for a better opportunity (part time) to increase monthly income.

Mark Hughes (Herbalife founder) has created this amazing opportunity with Herbalife since 1980. The idea of a Herbalife business opportunity was something moms did to stay home with their children. Today, many moms still build Herbalife business to be home with the kids, but they’re not the only ones seeking the benefits a Herbalife business provides. Men, students, and baby boomers all over the world are starting Herbalife business to gain freedom, flexibility and security. Here are reasons you should consider starting a Herbalife business.

Herbalife business benefit #1.Fill income-expense gap:

Millions of people are working full time and yet, are not able to pay their bills each month. Herbalife business creates opportunity to earn extra income to fill the gap between what you earn and what you need to pay. And you can do it on your own time without punching your card 9 to 5, making it easier than finding a part-time job outside the home.

Another advantage is that working from home can save money, especially over working a second job outside the home. You can save on commuting, childcare and other expenses that go with working outside the home.

Herbalife business benefit #2. Do something you love:

Many people view work as a chore. It’s an unpleasant, unfulfilling task that needs to be done to pay the rent. Starting Herbalife business allows you to design a career that you enjoy. If you listen to interviews with the world’s most successful self-made people, you’ll hear them talk about following their passion. Imagine getting paid to do work you love. All of a sudden, work wouldn’t be a chore, but instead, it would be something that fulfills you. That doesn’t mean that the work wouldn’t sometimes be tedious or challenging. But overall, choosing a business idea that involves something you enjoy is more fun, making it easier to power through the boring and difficult aspects.

Herbalife business benefit #3. Build savings/retirement:

Not only are many people unable to save money from their income, but also often their jobs don’t provide retirement funds. Saving now and in the future is crucial for financial security and too many people are doing without. Herbalife business can generate additional income for emergencies, life’s little extras and retirement and full potential to build a full time financial free career.

Herbalife business benefit #4. “Spare tyre” in case of job loss:

One thing that has become chrystal clear over the last few years is that no one is safe from a layoff. Employees from factories all the way up to white collar workers have lost their jobs. Millions more are anxious that their job could be next. Herbalife business can help you create a savings in the case of a layoff, plus income to support you if you are laid off.

Herbalife business benefit #5. Healthier living:

Working too long and too hard hurts your health. Stress, lack of sleep, and no personal time can increase your risk to develop depression, heart disease, hypertension and more. Although Herbalife business can take extra time if done around a job, by adding additional income you can reduce your financial woes eliminating the stress of money worries. Further, Herbalife is a nutrition company promoting healthy active lifestyle, the business is flexible allowing you time for personal pursuits and spending time with family that can rejuvenate you and bring happiness and fulfillment.

How to start Herbalife business?

Always having a BACK UP PLAN is one of the keys to success! No matter how good you are at your job, I recommend you consider having a part-time business or clear idea of what you would do if the company you work for laid you off tomorrow. Better to be prepared! What’s your BACK UP PLAN?

There is no better time to start Herbalife business now. Herbalife is an amazing nutrition company. Once you start using Herbalife nutrition, you won’t want to stop because of the health benefits. People will be asking you why you look and feel so good and you can share Herbalife with them. Boom – your Herbalife business is born!

My Herbalife Testimony

My Herbalife Product Testimony


As a Herbalife Coach, I worked my Herbalife business for almost 8 years. I am grateful that I am having more time with my little daughter everyday, doing what I love by helping people getting better health, lose weight, get fit, improve lifestyle, enjoying residual and passive income by duplicating what I do. This is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Be a winner in this economy and take control of your finances today! The biggest bonus is the when you become a Herbalife Coach, you can get fit and healthy, make a real difference in people’s lives and enjoy great benefits for yourself.

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